KAHPF Subcommittees

KAHPF has 8 subcommittees. While KAHPF meetings are attended by CEOs and Regional Managers, the Subcommittees and Working Groups provide a forum for the clinicians and programme managers who work at the coal face. Whilst most groups began as information-sharing and peer-support forums, many have now progressed to joint problem solving and implementing practical inter-agency projects that have had an enormous impact on health in the region. Subcommittees and working groups provide their Action Plan with progress notes to each KAHPF Meeting’s which include the following:

  • Significant activities and achievements

  • Any new and/or significant health issues in the region

  • Progress with ongoing sub-committee projects and plans for any new projects

  • Issues/concerns that require KAHPF advice/feedback

  • Recommendations for KAHPF to consider/endorse


Chronic Disease Subcommittee

The four Chronic Disease conditions which produce the highest levels of morbidity and mortality for Aboriginal people in the region are renal failure, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease and diabetes. The Chronic Disease Subcommittee meets bimonthly to identify strategies to prevent and improve the management of chronic disease in the region.

Terms of Reference Chronic Disease Subcommittee

Chronic Disease Subcommittee Action Plan 2018 - 2021

Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Subcommittee

The Kimberley region experiences disproportionate levels of alcohol-related harm compared to the rest of WA. Alcohol and marijuana are the most commonly used substances, with the increase in poly-drug use and the use of methyl amphetamine emerging issues. The capacity of AOD services in the region to provide prevention and early intervention services is extremely limited in most of the Kimberley. The Drug and Alcohol Committee (DAC) was established to represent a regional view of Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) issues within the Kimberley.

This forum of mental health and SEWB providers has been meeting monthly since 2003. Membership includes a wide range of agencies including those providing social support and counselling through to providers of acute mental health services.

Terms of Reference - Drug and Alcohol Committee

Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Subcommittee Action Plan 2018 - 2021

Environmental Health Subcommittee

The Environmental Health Subcommittee is a newer KAHP Subcommittee formed to deepen understanding across the Kimberley of the link between environmental conditions and health. An early achievement of the Subcommittee was the development and signing of the Regional Skin Health Partnership.

Terms of Reference Environmental Health Subcommittee

Environmental Health Referral Form

Environmental Health Referral Form for specific use in the Fitzroy Valley. Please use referral form available from Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services

Partnership Agreement Environmental Health Subcommittee

Environmental Health Poster

Health Workforce Alliance

The aim of the Alliance is to get more Kimberley people ( e.g. school students, unemployed people, people who want a new career) into health training courses and/or work in the health sector – in all types of works ranging from drivers, administration staff and liaison officers to health workers, nurses, counsellors, allied health professionals and GPs.

Members include school VET Coordinators, training providers, employment support agencies and health service employers.

Terms of Reference - Health Workforce Alliance

Kimberley Regional Aboriginal Men’s Health Subcommittee

The Kimberley Regional Aboriginal Men’s Health Subcommittee has a collaborative purpose that aims to benefit all members and the communities they serve by working together to identify strategies and activities to improve the health, wellness and mental health outcomes of Kimberley males, reduce incidences of self-harm, violence and AOD use, increase proportion of men who have regular health checks, support men’s wellness groups and build the number and capacity of male health workforce in the Kimberley regions.

Terms of Reference Kimberley Regional Aboriginal Men’s Health Subcommittee

Kimberley Regional Aboriginal Men’s Health Subcommittee Action Plan 2018 - 2021

Maternal, Child, Youth and Family Health Subcommittee

The Maternal and Child Health (M&CH) Subcommittee has been meeting on a monthly basis since 2010. It is attended by midwives, child health nurses and Aboriginal health workers from across the region.

Terms of Reference Maternal and Child Health Subcommittee

Maternal, Child, Youth and Family Health Subcommittee Action Plan 2018-2021

Research, Evidence & Data Subcommittee

The Research Subcommittee was formed in late 2006 with a mandate to guide research activity in the region. It is a research review committee, not an ethics committee.

The Subcommittee aims to work constructively with prospective researchers to assist them to get the best possible local input and advice when developing proposals. For more information click here.

Terms of Reference - Research Subcommittee

Sexual & Reproductive Health Subcommittee

The latest notification rates of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea both remain disproportionally high amongst Aboriginal people in the Kimberley. The often asymptomatic nature of these infections assists in their spread.

The Sexual Health Subcommittee was formed to improve the sexual health, reduce STI rates and ensure better health outcomes for young people living in the Kimberley.

Terms of Reference - Sexual Health Subcommittee

Sexual & Reproductive Health Action Plan

Sexual Health 2016-18 Implementation Plan