Key Documents

Kimberley Aboriginal Primary Health Plans

KAHPF has developed 2 primary health plans for the Kimberley. Both plans highlight the issues and gaps in services that the region experiences, assess immediate and future needs and identify new and more strategic ways of working.

The plans are considered an essential orientation tool and reality check for health professionals and managers new to the region, and should underpin all decisions about health funding made in Canberra and Perth.

The 2012-15 Plan paid particular attention to the importance of the social determinants of good health, noting that without addressing people’s physical living environment and family social circumstances, closing the gap would not be possible.

As there was no dedicated funding to implement the 2012-15 Plan, in 2015 KAHPF members reviewed progress to date and determined that 2015 implementation priorities should focus on activities that could be actioned using existing staff and without additional funding. Most of the activities identified have now been implemented.

A new Primary Health Plan for the region is currently being developed.