Clinical Protocols and Guidelines

The Kimberley Protocols were developed from a desire to standardise the screening for and management of health conditions more prevalent in the Kimberley and recognising that the management of these conditions differs from standard management due to the extreme remoteness of the area. Their purpose is to enable care to be initiated by a range of health care professionals working within their own scope of practice when direct access to specialists is limited.

They have been developed by multidisciplinary teams of local health care professionals based on local research findings, and established best practices adapted to local conditions. The protocols are approved by the Kimberley Aboriginal Health Planning Forum (KAHPF) and are an invaluable resource for health care professionals new to the area.

The Kimberley Standard Drug List ensures that the same essential medications are available to patients in even the most remote parts of the region. The list is updated annually by a team of pharmacists, generalists and specialists from Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Service Ltd (KAMS) and WA Country Health Service.